Scorecoin Roadmap and Introduction
Scorecoin has set itself the task of being ingame currency for Android Mobile Games. With ingame currency e.g. “points or gold” ingame items can be bought. Here the Scorecoin would be the so called ingame currency. In many games Scorecoin will be used buying game-relevant content such as game time.
As another usage a ScoreStore planned, in which one can buy games with Scorecoins. It will be a webshop where you can deposit your Scorecoins to redeem against games. Scorecoin is already integrated into two games; Dragon Knights of Valeria and Universe, a browser game in which Scorecoin is used as an ingame currency.
Furthermore, we endeavor to see Scorecoin integrated into especially Android Mobile Games. The Google Android Market has grown a lot in recent years, and is a very serious big division.
We will also get into contact with gaming portals in the future. This is particularly important for us to reach thousands of new people via existing gaming portals.
Related with the extending needs we have to expand our team. Hence our community has grown threefold since last December. It will keep going as the tasks expand. We therefore need specialized team members for specific positions. Scorecoin allocated adequate fund for this purpose. It has no financial difficulties and is a long-term project to see.
We do not want to compete with big names like gamecredit, we want to grow bigger in our niche.
Scorecoin is a well-known name meanwhile in the cryptocurrency world. Of course we would like to extend this with additional successes.
The roadmap is far from over, for the time being only so much.

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