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Scorecoin is a very promising alternative currency. Its main usage is to be a “in-game” currency for gaming. While it has been already implemented in some Browser games, such as Dragon Knights of Valeria 2, its been also listed on hundreds of cryptocurrency lists, integrated in payment gateways, mobile apps and websites. It enjoys the strength of a very strong community, consisting of thousands of followers. With the recent upgrade to a full POS coin, supporting Masternodes and the latest crypto currency technologies, we are very confident that Scorecoin will aim a seat between the global players. This target is also motivated by high trading volumes, partly up to 2 million US dollars, from the past.


Scorecoin uses powerful cryptography with each transaction being confirmed by a vast array of users who dedicate existing funds (Proof of Stake) to maintain consensus of its distributed ledger (the blockchain) and are rewarded for their efforts.


Scorecoin incorporates a Stealth Addresses capability to ensure that your financial record remains fully confidential and free from scrutiny.


Scorecoin utilizes InstantX technology which allows each transaction to be sent and confirmed in split seconds by powerful servers spread across the globe.


Scorecoin is a disinflationary currency with a strict economic policy in place to regulate how many coins are created every day. As time goes by, less and less coins are minted until a hard cap of ~58m total coins is reached.


Scorecoins array of nodes is located in dozens of countries on multiple continents with each given an equal voting right, ensuring that no single point of failure exists and that the network cannot be governed by a single or even a handful of parties.


By nature, Scorecoins protocol provides anonymity to users as anyone can use, host, serve and operate a node on the network. Except for dedicated services that require it (such as social networks and email services), users do not need to disclose personal information in order to make use of its various services.




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